[Company Update] Writing in the Winter's Shorter Hand

December is almost upon us and it's time for another seasonal update from your friends at Code&Quill.

This time, a familiar structure to guide us: five Ws in the usual order, plus a special announcement at the end. Take it away!


the Who

Our daily work is more and more about y'all, as it should be. It's how we do a better job as product designers and manufacturers... but it's also just way more fun that way.

Here are some of the ways we've had our eyes on youse guys for the past couple of months:

The "Customers We Love" series. To us, our customers are a kind of synecdocheone person, while unique, can also represent what's great about our whole customer base. We love individuals, but we also love when those individuals show us something cool about the collective consciousness of creative people—and that's where our Creative Exposés took off.

I own... A lot of notebooks. Took this while writing something up for @codeandquill.

A post shared by Caroline Amaba (@clineamb) on


If you didn't see it before, the above is from our first entry on Caroline's dragon-slaying, rock-climbing, Buzzfeed-coding adventures.

We've also published a second entry on John, a different-but-equally-nifty blend of left-brained nerdiness and technical creativity.  

Y'all send us stuff directly. A surprising number of people will get creative and send us their work just because, which is a really cool feeling. Like when Renae on Facebook felt compelled to dress up a quote from John's exposé:


Or all of the unboxing videos we got, which prompted us to write this post.

Y'all show off your Code&Quills on social media. This is why we started keeping track in a post called 7 Ways to Use a Code&Quill Notebook. Photos and videos like these started popping up on Instagram and Twitter and we just had to share.


the What

We make stuff—so let's talk about the stuff we make.

The new Limited Editions. They're finally in our warehouse, and all that's left is to make sure they're ready to ship. These babies should be ready to rock a couple of days into December! (Just remember that we've only got 500 in the whole world, so you'll want to grab yours before they run out.) 

Our newly-updated Travelers. We've got a few weeks under our belt selling the new-and-updated Travelers, with the ampersand instead of the patch... and the word is good! Some were nostalgic for the original branding, but understood our reasoning for the change... the rest seem to be loving it. We've still got plenty in stock for now! 

What's back in stock (or will be)? We've been out of gray Monoliths with dual indentation rule for WAY too long, given an error at our factory. But those have been back for a couple weeks now, so grab yours here if you weren't in the loop.

All of our white hardcovers (Origin and Monolith) are currently out of stock, as are gray Scribes, but our next shipment should be arriving in the first half of December to refill all of those models. (If we're out of something you want, just visit that product's page and drop in your email to the right for an automatic back-in-stock notice.)


the When

Let's talk about the future in particular—both immediate and a little further out.

Code&Quill's 8 Days of Yay! Like last year, we'll have a little spree of joy and savings for all of your holiday whims. The 8 Days of Yay run from December 8 to December 15, so keep your eyes peeled for special bundles and daily promotions! 

A quick word about shipping for the holidays. Let's think backwards. Christmas falls on a Monday this year, so the deadline to receive a package in time is the Friday prior, or December 22. (A Saturday delivery could happen, but that's the flat-final day to expect anything.)

Working backwards from that, the deadline to order on time depends on where you are and your selected shipping speed:

  • U.S. customers using standard/free shipping need to order by the end of Friday, December 15 for the safest chance of receiving their shipment by Christmas.
  • U.S. customers using 2-day shipping need to order by the end of Tuesday, December 19 for the safest chance.
  • International customers need to order by the end of Thursday, December 7 for the safest chance. Please note that international shipping is more variable, even though the vast majority of our international parcels arrive within 2 weeks.


the Where

In the beginning, we were online-store-only and focused on the United States. Those are in the process of evolving, too.

Amazon.com is also an option for U.S. customers. If you're already shopping there for the holidays, we certainly won't discourage you picking up a Code&Quill there. If you're a Prime subscriber, your default shipping speed is 2-day, which can only help.

Our Canadian neighbors are getting even closer. We've been working with distribution partners in Canada to break into the Amazon Canada market and potentially some retailers as well. It's likely that, pretty soon, Canada will get the same 2-day domestic-shipping kinds of treatments as their American counterparts. 

Greater availability across the pond. Likewise, we're pursuing avenues to make ourselves available on Amazon in Europe, especially in the UK. We've got people there as enthusiastic as any American fan (whaddup @ariannedonoghue?), but they've gotta pay more and wait longer because of international shipping—so let's see about changing that.

the Why

All along, we’ve been wanting to evolve in all of the areas above: to meet and serve more customers like y’all, to strengthen our core offerings, to develop fresh and fun-to-use products, and to make ourselves available in more avenues.

In a word: we’ve wanted to grow, and we still do. We have gotten bigger, and we will continue to get bigger.

Still, growth is only one part of a good future. We ourselves have seen brands outgrow their best qualities, and we never want that to happen with us. Like any person, brands get bigger and change over time—but like any person again, brands need guidance and a little love.

Otherwise they’re not growing up… they’re just growing.

As we head into 2018, one question returning to our minds (and company meetings) is why we’re here as a brand. One answer is “product”—making a notebook truly worthy of your time and love. But the other, more important answer is “people”—if we make something, its value comes from making someone happy, from creating a good experience from start to finish. 

Our role in that never changes, no matter how we evolve otherwise.



And now, the special announcement everyone's been waiting for:

Our Newest Product... Named by You

One of the new products we've been developing is a totally different kind of notebook, and we're really excited to see it in action. It's already prototyped, but we quickly realized we needed a name for it.

So we asked the Code&Quill community (that means y'all):

Once Jewelle Mathes threw her suggestion into the ring, a lot of you seemed to think it fit nicely—and so did we. And thus, the Compass was born.

Aside from the polish and the paper, the Compass won't be like your other Code&Quills...

It's narrower and fits easily in one hand. 
It's bound at the top like a notepad.
It's hardcover like the Origin, but smooth like the Traveler. 

Last but not least, the pages are perforated! Go ahead, tear it off and keep moving—no need to worry about mucking up your perfect notebook.

The Compass should be available to the public in early 2018. If you wanna be the first to have one, keep an eye on your emails from Code&Quill—we'll be sure to make an official announcement there.

That's all for now! If you have anything to say or ask to us directly, please don't hesitate... just drop us a line via email to Kevin@CodeandQuill.com and we'll chat.

Have a great holiday and stay cozy until next time!

If you're in the market for a notebook, head on over to our store!
If you want more than one, check out our discounted notebook bundles!
If you just wanna say hi or look at pictures, come see us on Facebook or Instagram.


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  • john

    Whatever came of the limited edition? I thought I had kept a good eye out, but somehow missed ’em

  • Nik Wilets

    “Picture a thinner (less wide) notebook than usual, but the spine’s on the top instead of the left,”

    It’s got a name. We call them reporter’s notebooks

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