Which Notebook Is Right For You?

If you're not sure which notebook is right for you, let us help you out.


The Monolith

This is our flagship notebook. The hardcover makes it durable and professional-looking and the lay flat design makes it comfortable to use. It's also a little bit wider than the standard notebook for extra comfort.

Our customers typically use this as their main notebook, whether it's at work, school, home office, journaling, drafting, client meetings, etc. 

✔️ Lay Flat Design

✔️ Durable Hard Cover

✔️ Larger Size for Comfortable Writing


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The Origin

The Origin is a great everyday notebook. It's large enough to fit in on your desk and small enough to throw in your bag on your way out the door. It's slightly smaller than the Monolith, which makes it incredibly versatile.

A lot of our customers love The Origin for journaling and working on-the-go whether it's travel for work or working at your favorite local coffee shop.

✔️ Lay Flat Design

✔️ Durable Hard Cover

✔️ Versatile Size


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The Traveler

As the name suggests, this notebook is meant to be picked up and taken with you. It's built for note-taking on-the-go and the flexible cover makes it easy to toss in your bag for your next vacation or business trip. 

Most of our customers bring this along to work at their favorite coffee shop, or throw it in their bag so they always have access to a notebook when needed.

✔️ Lay Flat Design

✔️ Flexible Cover

✔️ Available in White or Gray


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The Compass

This is another notebook meant to tag along with you on your daily adventures. It's about half the width of The Monolith, meaning it's meant to be held in one hand reporter-style.

Many of our customers who love The Compass love using it for taking notes at professional conferences or for making lists - either in their professional life or personal life. 

✔️ Reporter-Style Design

✔️ Upward-Flipping Pages

✔️ Tearable Pages


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The Scribe

This is our smallest notebook, and its flexible cover means that it fits in your back pocket, ready in an instant. It's meant to tag along and go where you go. 

Our customers who love The Scribe love using it as a field notebook or as a notebook they can keep on hand at all times for impromptu ideas.

✔️ Pocket-Sized

✔️ Flexible Cover

✔️ Available in White or Gray


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Here's a side-by-side comparison of each of our notebook's specs: 

  Size Color Options Lay Flat Design Cover Type Paper Type Most Often Seen:
Monolith 7.25" x 10" White, Gray Yes! Hardcover 100 GSM Paper On a desk or in board rooms
Origin 5.5" x 7.7" White, Gray Yes! Hardcover 100 GSM Paper On a desk or in a backpack!
Traveler 5.5" x 7.7" White, Gray Yes! Soft Cover 100 GSM Paper In a backpack or purse, ready when needed
Compass 4.1" x 7.7" Gray Yes! Hardcover 100 GSM Paper Taking notes on the go, reporter-style!
Scribe 3.3" x 5.5" White, Gray Yes! Soft Cover 100 GSM Paper In a back pocket, ready to take notes at a moment's notice