7 Ways Creatives are Using Code&Quill Notebooks

7 Ways Creatives are Using Code&Quill Notebooks

Code&Quill caters to A LOT of creatives.

That's the easy part to say. But what do we mean by that? Who do we mean by that? 

Well, some of our best customers are...

  • Designers (web & graphic)
  • Developers
  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Travelers
  • Photographers
  • Nomads

And so many more. 

Today, we're featuring 7 NEW ways the creatives in our family are using their Code&Quill in day-to-day life.

We've kept the original sets of pics behind them—so if you want to think about how you might use your Code&Quill, take a scroll until something strikes your fancy.


Early 2018

You're very welcome @corey.d.george! Corey was the winner of our recent Delighting Handwriting contest and the subject of one of our Customer Spotlights. He used his prizes to say thanks... how gracious. =D


@cre8tivesun is getting a little bit Seussical with it—and we like it!


@emtudier got her Code&Quill for the first time, then got stoked to crack it open and try it out.


@bujo_blossoms went to the trouble not only to test her writing instruments against our paper, but to make it look better than any page in any of our own notebooks. Seriously, BuJo people, how do you write so beautifully?!


@larrycrittenden is asking the big questions. Also, drawing cartoons to illustrate them. Judging from his Instagram, he's also a fan of flow charts.


@labbejesse is getting into the nitty-gritty of a tabletop game mechanic. We've had a little D&D renaissance at Code&Quill—once the D&D peeps decided our notebooks were a great fit, it turned out there were WAY more of those people than we'd imagined (and like the BuJo folks, their written work is often enviable in its beauty). 


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand @myartsybujo comes through with a punchline worthy of a Wise Confucius meme.


With great paper (and pen) comes great potential.
Pick out the best Code&Quill tools for YOUR inner creative!


Summer 2017



We WISH we could write (and draw!) this neatly. Is every architect's notebook this pretty?



IT MOVES! We've featured plenty of @dainsaint's spreads, but this time he shows us the whole notebook full. Drool. 



Caffeine, coffee, cameras, Code&Quill. Sounds like an excellent way to spend a creative weekend!



We've featured a couple of @lunarboy's notebook shots on social media recently, but here's something that shows the value: he compares the drawing made in his Code&Quill to the webpage he built from it. Super, super cool stuff. =D



We're a little jelly, @ariannedonoghue — wish we still had time to study and practice our CS stuff more recently (or to play other peoples' programs on Xbox One). 



Another one of our regular posters-of-pretty-things, @mnmlscholar — another obscure virtue of glass desks. Did you also realize you can write directly on them with dry-erase??


Follow up drawings I added to the travel espresso

A post shared by Mike (@originalcontentbooks) on


Alas, we can't draw. Not like this, and not with a nice splash of color. But we'll happily look at others' design drawings... if you've got any that have come to fruition in 3D, send us a picture, like, immediately so that we can side-by-side that s#!t.



Spring 2017


Artventuring again

A post shared by Georgia Rose (@artventurous_george) on



@artventurous_george knows how to take a Code&Quill to some pretty spots... then draw pretty pictures of those pretty spots. Bravo, and thanks for sending it into #notebooksgonewild!




@techgirlgo is one of our favorite customers. (Y'all are astoundingly good as a group, don't get us wrong, but if we know you by name, you're probably a gem.) And some of our favorite things, too: code, MacBook Pro, cozy-looking socks, and motivation all in one!



@codeandquill check out my dishes on the left and business on the right 😘 #notebooksgonewild

A post shared by Sam Miller (@optimisticallyreal) on


@optimisticallyreal sent in a whole page of sharply-drawn flowers for our #notebooksgonewild social contest! We love examining all the detail you put into both pages we see here. :D 


Henry isn't quite as excited about my new notebooks as I am 🐈 #codeandquill

A post shared by Ashley Fielding (@rainey_ash) on


@rainey_ash may as well have tagged Henry and this photo in #notebooksgonewild recently! To be honest, we're not cat people — but given our dog mascot's color, we'll admit that's a very handsome kitty. =]




@dainsaint has posted a series of well-worded, sharply-written photos like these. Go check out his page on Instagram to see them all!




@alexraup knows the tech jungle, it seems — cables sprawling about like vines, extra peripherals at the ready — but in the middle, one simple little notebook. Thanks for hitting Twitter with #notebooksgonewild!



@mnmlscholar certainly has an eye for pens. Not gonna lie, we're a little jealous. Or envious. We always mix those up. The point is... how to put this delicately... please continue to show us your nibs, scholar. They're lovely. 


Hey! We're sharing even more sweet features from our community below, and think you should join them! Tag us in your photos on social and let us know how you're using your Code&Quill! Don't have a Code&Quill yet? Check out the perfect tools to feed your creative appetite—made for creatives by creatives.



Holiday Season 2016

At work with @kateanddesigns

A photo posted by Joan Born (@thejoanborn) on


Hey designers—step that game up. @thejoanborn is bringing the PANTONE color swatches to the table.

What are your favorites—and what are you "coloring in" so far this year? 



Code, colors, and Code&Quill. And Codeland, apparently. =]

Big shout-out to @techgirlgo for repping a couple things we love: all things tech AND sharing the love of what you do with others. Keep it compiling!


#codeandquill #fountainpenday #fountainpenday2016 #vanishingpoint #twsbieco #monteverde

A photo posted by hotcupofloving (@hotcupofloving) on


Hey @hotcupofloving, you stole our pen! Yeah, we recognize that TWSBI at the bottom! =P  

If y'all like writing with ink, fear not — you might be impressed at how well our paper handles fountain pens. It's all dat 100GSM acid-free paper.

Draw and write to your heart's content!


My favorite tools ❤️🍎🖍

A photo posted by Chrystel Paulson (@chrystelpaulson) on


And @chrystelpaulson, thanks for the 'gram and good word. We like the clean Mac setup — and we see you doing that UX work. Love it!  



We shipped this notebook across the pond to @ariannedonoghue. Arianne, we're pumped to see you outfitting it for the field (love the yellow Lamy!) and excited to get cracking.

Best of luck — and don't get addicted collecting Safaris in different colors! 


Some people are best in small doses💊 . . . #sorrynotsorry #handwriting #doodle

A photo posted by Mel (@alostnightowl) on


A little comic relief from @alostnightowl — and a true statement about anyone's co-workers from time to time.

Need to step away? Limit your people dose. Take a chill pill instead, close the door, and draw something that you're thinking about.  


Big notebook, little notebook. ❤📦 📕 #codeandquill

A photo posted by flokat (@flokat) on


Filling up one notebook with boxes, diagrams, arrows, and text? Go ahead and re-up! If you haven't bought one in a while, don't forget that you can size up for a Monolith now.

Or, you know, you could buy more than one like @flokat here. That'd be pretty sweet. And at that point, you might consider one of our (discounted) bundles! 

Hey! We're sharing even more sweet features from our community below, and think you should join them! Tag us in your photos on social and let us know how you're using your Code&Quill! Don't have a Code&Quill yet? Check out the perfect tools to feed your creative appetite—made for creatives by creatives.


November 2016 

What are you doing today?

Why not crack open your Code&Quill and start a sketch like @anna.rastorgueva?

We bet you’ve heard of #NoShaveNovember, but did you partake in #Inktober?

@Jessicaseacrest busted out her colored pencils and used her notebook for some sweet drawing.

fuzzy heart, coffee filled, and goal crushing wednesday! 👊🤖☕️ •• i'm not going to lie, insta + social média has been a great part of this journey. i have met SO many of you, and have been so happy to help + get shit done together! 💓 •• today, i am being featured on Stay Curious Darling Site (@staycuriousdarling) #WCW edition 😻 • i have been inspired by Brittany for years, and i can't wait to travel + work with this #girlboss 👯🤓💻 - i am humbled, and happy today! hugs to you all! 🤗🤗💕 •• keep kicking ass, and owning it! Ps. Brittany is the most badass, remote worker, digital nomad, and programmer! 🌏 if you have any questions regarding that lifestyle, i'm sure she's the one to ask! 🤓✨ link in bio! PSS. pizza hunting is my hobbie! 🍕😉 •• #happy #staycuriousdarling #blogger #girlboss #feature #happy #humble #workhardstayhumble #entrepreneur #womenintech #programmer #heygirlfriend #youcandoit #codethangz #code #webdeveloper #startuplife #codeandquill #devstickers #motivation #femaleentrepreneur #digitalnomad #travel #freelance #remotework #workhardanywhere

A photo posted by @codegirlcode on

We’ll be honest—@codegirlcode has a special place in our heart. She’s always been supportive of the C&Q brand and team, and loves showing off her notebooks!

However, this post is great because it’s all about goal crushing and growth, which are two of our favorite things.

Keep it up!

We’re not entirely sure what’s happening here, but it involves pizza, so it’s a-ok in our (note)book. See what we did there?

IG user @mbeero uses his creative genius to get the people to vote… on pizza preference, that is!

Ah… organization. Not going to lie, this warmed our hearts a little.

We’ve been tossing around the idea of coming up with a guide for using your Code&Quill for journaling and organization (think Bullet journaling and agendas).

What do you think? Something you all would want to hear about? Shout out to @hickorysoul for the sweet inspiration! 

If you need to pack for survival, we’ll agree with @campingguyinny and say your Code&Quill is a must.

Need another use idea for your C&Q? Head out into the great outdoors and sketch what you see. 

Everything about this video and caption is great.

1. Fresh starts, who needs them? Only everyone.

2. A clean slate to spill ink on? Not much better than that.

Cheers to @sofabedsophia for her positive moves in the right direction and using Code&Quill on her journey.

Want to see your Code&Quill photos featured on our site? Tag your photos with #codeandquill and we’ll be sure to share the love!

Happy creating!

Looking for the perfect tools to feed your creative appetite? Check out our collection of notebooks—made for creatives by creative.


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