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  • Dot Grid & Indentation Rule

    Left side pages contain a dot grid for drawings, sketches, and wireframes. Right side contains our Indentation Rule for beautiful notes, lists, paragraphs, and code.

  • Thick Durable Pages

    All the pages in our notebooks are made from 100GSM, acid-free, fine grain paper. These books are made to last.

  • Lay Flat Design

    We use a premium binding that ensures every notebook lays flat, no matter what page you are on. The perfect writing environment, every time.

Our notebooks have been designed to be the ideal environment for creatives to bring their ideas into the world.

At the heart of each notebook is a unique layout that features a dot grid on the left side — for sketches and illustrations, and a special indentation rule on the right — for notes, lists, and even code.

These layouts appear on high quality thick stock (100GSM) pages that are held together with the best binding available, making sure that pages don’t fall out, and allowing for any open page to lay flat.

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