Code&Quill's Spring Update

It has been longer than usual since our last Code&Quill update. But that's not for lack of newsworthy stuff... it's because we've been busy making the stuff newsworthy.

By this point in the year, all of our cylinders are firing at full power. The shop is turning out new products, prototypes, and custom runs every day; the warehouse is expanding its footprint and making moves internationally; the executive office continues thinking bigger about Code&Quill's next moves. 

Best of the lot: y'all have kept doing you, and it helps to keep our spirits high when you show it. The point of this post is (kind of) to talk about ourselves, but that won't stop us from mentioning you... as you'll read, it's kind of impossible NOT to.

Here are the latest wires from the Code&Quill front:


1. Say Hello to the Compass

Just a couple weeks back, we launched Code&Quill's newest piece of kit: the perfo-licious Compass notebook. Check it out if you haven't already! 


This Ain't Yo Momma's Steno Pad

We'd love to say we invented a one-handed notebook with the spine at the top—but shucks, someone beat us to that a long time ago.

The invention has since been called a "steno pad," among other things. You can buy them at a dollar store, or anywhere paper is sold.  


So what's better about Code&Quill's version? 

Short answer: everything.
Longer answer: the cover, the paper quality, the page layouts, the perforations, the sturdiness, and just look at it.


You Oughta Know... You Named It

We didn't have any trouble making the Compass. We knew what we wanted, prototyping went well, and so far people seem thrilled with the first run. 

But we did have trouble naming the Compass, and that's where you did us a big solid. If you didn't see it before, we legitimately asked our people on Facebookwhat should we call this thing? 

We got a handful of answers we liked, but one in particular struck us. "Compass" sat nicely as soon as we read it—but lots of other readers liked it too, so we knew pretty quickly that it had stuck. 


2. What's Up with Limited Editions

We did our very first run of Limited Editions as part of our first Kickstarter campaign. They were immensely popular, so we knew we'd eventually want to continue making Limited-Edition runs. Our second run is our navy-blue and goldenrod Monolith—and more than 80% of them have already sold. 


They Really Are "Limited"

In terms of sales pattern, this run of Limited Editions was a little bit wonky. In this situation, we had to split the Limited Edition run into two batches, since we couldn't get them to our warehouse all in one go. Then there was an awkward "out of stock" gap because the first 200 sold more aggressively than we'd expected. 

For the record: we did make 500 all in one batch, and we won't be making more once they sell out. So they are, by that definition, a truly Limited Edition notebook. 


... and They're About to Be Extremely Limited 

At this writing, there are only 75 Limited-Edition Monoliths left!
They're right here if you wanted to grab one.


What Happens When We're Out?

Short answer: when those 75 sell out, they're done. You won't be able to buy them on our store anymore. 

Longer answer: same as above, but we slightly undersell on purpose so that we're able to fix any problems that come up (for example, a package that goes missing). Those extra notebooks are earmarked for a certain amount of time. And then later—if enough time passes that we can responsibly "liberate" those extra notebooks—y'all might see a few more during some special occasion, like a customer contest. 

Otherwise, you'll just have to wait for the next round of Limited Editions!


3. Next Layouts!

It seems like our current pair of page-layout options are winners, but naturally we want to expand those options and y'all have been asking. Only question is what's next!


By Popular Demand: Double Dot Grid

Our next page-layout option will have the dot grid on both pages. This has been the most-requested new layout, and also the layout whose possible uses have been articulated best. (Plus, this choice allows us to use the dot-grid design we already know works well.)

We're not yet certain which notebook(s) will get the double-dot option first. We're currently using an Origin for the testing process, but it could wind up in the Origin, Traveler, or Monolith (or some combination).


Spreading the Layout Love

Eventually, we'd like to offer ALL of our page-layout options in ALL of our notebooks. In practical reality, we have to tackle a few at a time—so, as we said, our decision is only what's next.

Aside from creating the new double-dot option, we'll soon be offering double-line (indentation rule) layout in notebooks other than the Monolith. Whether this will expand to the Origin, the Traveler, or both remains to be seen.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the next notebook/layout combinations we offer. We're likely to raise the subject on social media (especially Facebook), so you can contribute at that time—or you can comment on this blog post! 


4. Notebook Bundles 2.0

What We've Seen So Far

We've noticed that there are two kinds of Code&Quill bundles. One kind takes advantage of a special situation (like having extra stock), while the other kind presents a natural combination (like a notebook plus accessory). 

So we're adjusting the way we do bundles. Some of our bundles will be offered semi-permanently, in "fan favorite" fashion, while other bundles will be seasonal. We're still working out the final details, but you'll see this distinction in our store soon.


Bundles Coming Up

You should be seeing... 

— A smaller bundle with the new Compass
— At least one option with the Quiver pen loop
— At least one option with the split-layout gray Monolith (our most popular notebook)

Remember that bundles are automatically 10% off, but you can also apply a discount code for additional savings!   


5. What's Coming, What's Going

Coming In Stock

Gray Monoliths with Dot Grid + Indentation Rule. They're back and we've got plenty to go around—for a little while, anyway

the Vendetta Bundle. Because the above is back (and we've still got matching Quivers), this bundle is ready to rock again! 

Gray Travelers. 
These were only out for a short while, but if you were one of those few, fear not and head on back to get yours here.


Going & Gone

White Monolith (Dot Grid + Indentation Rule) — about 70 left (as of April 17)

Gray Monolith (Indentation Rule x2) — about 100 left (as of April 17)

White Scribes — about 20 3-packs left (as of April 17)

Gray Scribes — OUT (more coming in 6-8 weeks)


6. the Latest Customer Spotlights

Last year, we did our first two Customer Spotlights. Y'all are extremely cool people, but we realized you might not see that as clearly as we could. So the idea behind the Customer Spotlight was to "show you to yourselves" one person at a time... even if you're very different from someone else, you can get some bright ideas from thinkers who appreciate the same tools.

Last year, we featured Caroline (a rock-climbing Buzzfeed-programming dungeon master) and John, a sharp data analyst and aspiring game designer.

So far this year, we've featured Samantha — a bullet journaler and house hobbyist (and then some) — and Corey, a graphic designer with a philanthropic edge.

They all think differently, and sure enough, they use their Code&Quill notebooks differently too. Check 'em out!


7. Creatives Gon' Create

Like we said at the beginning: it's kind of impossible not to mention y'all even when we're talking about ourselves as Code&Quill. 

One reason is that we make notebooks—and we aim for "damn good" while doing so—but we're not expert at making impressive and pretty things in our notebooks. That's what YOU do best, and so we're always thrilled to see our work going to such creative use.   

just a reminder in case you forgot: you matter. you're important. you're loved. and your presence on this earth makes a difference whether you believe it or not. recovery never looks like an upwards graph, there will be down days and you’ll be so discouraged that you feel this way but it’s important to note the temporary nature of these feelings and to keep moving forward!! 🌷💕 - ps: recently i had the pleasure of trying out a notebook from @codeandquill and i have to say its a pretty superb! most of the time with journalling the main struggle is that the notebooks are tightly bounded so it makes it difficult to write on the inner pages but this notebook is designed to lay flat when opened! another exciting thing is that the left pages are dot grid (great for drawing without the obstruction of lines) while the right is indent lined which is ideal for writing. also, the best thing about it that the pages didn't bleed (yay!!) for the pens i used. usually, the back of the page is always stained as well and therefore i have to sacrifice a page and skip to the next one but the paper quality deserves a gold star 🌟#codeandquillcreative

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We've started trying to make this phenomenon more of a thing. The Customer Spotlights (above) are one example, but the more recent example is Creative Week. One week per month, we'll make a point to ask what you're working on—and, if you're inclined, to share the awesome by posting a photo.   



8. the New Standard in Custom Notebooks

We first announced our Custom division in a blog post about five months ago. Fortunately for that blog post, the information therein remains fresh and relevant—so if you're curious about Custom, head to the link above and take a skim. 

But let's suppose that you're curious AND wanting to talk to someone about it. In that case, you should take a look at our brand-spankin'-new Custom page and scroll as far as you like—at the bottom of that page, you can answer a few quick questions to start a conversation with us. 




If you're in the market for a notebook, head on over to our store!
If you want more than one, check out our discounted notebook bundles!
If you just wanna say hi or look at pictures, come see us on Facebook or Instagram.


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  • Geoff Nelson

    Double dot layout on the Monolith, please! Any chance of dual or tripple ribbons or pockets in the future?

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