The Web's Best Comic for Creatives: An Illustrated Intro to XKCD (40+ Comics Inside!)

The Web's Best Comic for Creatives: An Illustrated Intro to XKCD (40+ Comics Inside!)
XKCD 457 Frustration


Ever gotten frustrated fumbling with a bra clasp?

Stop what you’re doing for 5 minutes—you need to check out XKCD. It’s the web’s best comic for creatives, brainiacs, and other people with big questions—and in this post, we’ll preview more than 40 of the clever, often-hilarious entries that author Randall Munroe has posted each week. 
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Everyday Thinking with
Graphs and Data

XKCD 453 Upcoming Hurricanes

XKCD 388 Fuck Grapefruit

XKCD 540 Base System 

XKCD 1698 Theft Quadrants


XKCD 526 Converting to Metric

Honorable Mentions

Nerdy Pop Culture References

XKCD 670 Spinal Tap Amps
XKCD 290 Fucking Blue Shells


XKCD 703 Honor Societies

Honorable Mentions

Comics That Made Us Lose Our S#!t

XKCD 612 Estimation
XKCD 414 Mistranslations
XKCD 790 Control
XKCD 604 Qwertial Aphasia

Honorable Mentions

Loops and Mind-Benders

XKCD 1683 Digital Data
XKCD 518 Flow Charts
XKCD 716 Time Machine
XKCD 338 Future

Honorable Mentions

Real Life, Real Talk

XKCD 308 Interesting Life
XKCD 214 The Problem with Wikipedia
XKCD 907 Ages

 Honorable Mentions

How We Felt Putting Together This Post

XKCD 512 Alternate Currency

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  • hpistxyyfg

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • A Jerk

    Anon, I find your commentary marginalizing the experience of manipulating the clasp of a modern bra to be discriminatory towards the people having to deal with them for the first time. While you have not hurt me physically, forced me to read your statements, or interacted with me in any meaningful way at all, I am uncomfortable and consider my feelings hurt. A well worded apology would go a long way at this point.

  • Anon

    Ummm. As a professional woman, I didn’t enjoy opening my morning workday email to a picture of a bra. Implied humor or not, It frankly made me uncomfortable. I get the humor, but of all the good and interesting blog posts here, this was an inappropriate one to email to all subscribers. Telezinski: gender sensitivity is a thing, and the appropriate response would be a well intentioned apology.

  • Telezinski

    Huh? I don’t see the poor taste or the sexist bit. The Rubik’s Cube bra strap clasp? If you guys get the previous comment, great. But if it was me, I wouldn’t have any idea how to address it. Good luck!

  • a

    While generally I’m a fan of XKCD and your notebooks. I found this particular opening to your newsletter to be in poor taste and a bit sexist.

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