New Code&Quill on The Block: The Monolith is Here

New Code&Quill on The Block: The Monolith is Here

We're more than excited to announce...

The newest tool for creatives has arrived: the Monolith.

Whether you're pulling together a wireframe for a new app, developing new products, drafting material for your book, or taking notes in a classroom, the Monolith is the perfect notebook for making your most demanding creative work a little easier.

Back in May, we launched our second Kickstarter to launch this amazing initiative—a beautifully crafted, large-format notebook for creative professionals everywhere.

With almost 400 backers, we successfully reached funding and were once again amazed at the support we received from the very same people we aim to serve! If you haven't watched the Kickstarter video that explains exactly what's so special about the Monolith.

After months of waiting, the Monoliths showed up in the fine state of Texas last week and we spent the last 4 days packing and shipping over 600 Kickstarter orders out to find new homes. What does that mean for you?

All four options of the Monolith are now open for business!

The Monolith’s pages incorporate our unique Dot Grid/Indentation Rule dual-page layout—meaning all left-side pages have a dot grid for sketches and drawings, while the right pages have narrow-ruled lines with vertical hash marks every 5mm for properly structuring notes, lists, paragraphs, and even code.

For those of you who don’t need the dual layout—or who want writing space more than drawing space—we’ve also created a version of the Monolith with only the Indentation Rule! There’s tons of room for writing here.

We hope you're just as excited as we are, we can't wait to get Monoliths into your hands!

Oh, and we have one more equally exciting—although smaller—update for you guys...

Recently we sent out a campaign to our customers to find out we can be enabling creatives with the best tools possible. We received some awesome (and honest) responses, but this one made us laugh...

With the Monoliths arrival also came a fresh stock of Gray TravelersWe're well-stocked and ready to fulfill your traveler orders, so, if you're like our friend from above, your dream product has arrived!

A huge thank you to everyone that has supported us in our original and second Kickstarter. You make all this possible and we quite literally wouldn't be here without you.

Stay tuned... we have cool things happening everyday around here and we'll be sharing them with you soon!


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