C&Q Update: What's Selling Out, What's Coming Up (Rumors Confirmed!)

Thanks to you, we've been growing fast for the past couple of months! The holidays are a great time for many businesses — but for us, the streak didn't stop at the end of December. (Still hasn't, fortunately.) 

That means a LOT of new names and faces recently. So for anyone new to the Code&Quill family, hello and welcome! 

If you've been around our blog before, you know updates like this are rarer. But given our growth, we're re-thinking what's possible in 2017 and adjusting our plans

We're writing today's company update because we want you to be in the loop about the work we do and products we make for you. Aside from updates like this one, we'll make sure to ask for feedback at certain points (and you're always welcome to email us!).

Here's what worth asking us now, and our answers in response...   


What's out of stock—or close? 

The Origin — our most popular notebook — is already sold out in white, and we only have about 40 of our gray Origin left in-house. 

The Traveler is also sold out in white. 

The Monolith has two layout styles. The mixed layout style (dot-grid and indentation-rule) is more popular; we're out of gray and have under 100 white ones left. BUT if you'd like the indentation rule on both pages, we've got a bunch in both white and gray

Click a link to grab one of the last ones!
We won't be back in stock for a couple of months. =[


What's the best value in Code&Quill's store right now?

We're glad you asked. Let's talk a little about our notebook bundles. 

Some time ago, we noticed that lots of people order multiple notebooks. Some people stock up on their favorite — but some mixed combinations are popular. We started with our holiday bundles, which did quite well.

We've decided to keep the bundles, and we'll switch 'em up every 3 months. No matter the combos, they'll always be 10% off (if not more on special occasions). Lastly, our bundles will always have someone in mind — so keep an eye out for the set that'll tingle your fancy. 


What is Code&Quill building next? 

Ha. Nice try. Can't share company secrets on the blog. 

But we can share six confirmed rumors:

  1. Right now, Code&Quill has multiple new products in R&D, at different stages. 
  2. Code&Quill will release multiple new products in 2017.
  3. Some of our 2017 releases are items y'all specifically told us you want. But we're also brewing a couple of products you didn't ask for — including one or two original inventions. 
  4. Some products in development are relatively simple; others are fairly complex.  
  5. We will have new notebooks in 2017 — but most likely, our next big release won't be a notebook at all.  
  6. We'll probably make a return to Kickstarter (and we can explain why in an upcoming post), but only to launch certain products. We're likely to open direct pre-orders on our store for some of this year's other releases.

Feel free to come visit us on Facebook or Instagram — and don't forget to check our curated notebook bundles to see if there's a set that suits you. 

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