a Quick Code&Quill (Product) Update — New Scribes!

a Quick Code&Quill (Product) Update — New Scribes!

Hello and happy holidays to everyone! =]

Let's get right into it. We always want our products to be top-notch quality — so we're strict about product inspections overseas AND quality control here on our shipping floor.

We want everyone to have the best notebook they've ever used, period.

There aren't a ton of defective notebooks in the first place, and we catch 99% of them before they ever see the light of day. (Let us note, too, that those few customers who email us with photos of their defects get a free replacement 99% of the time.)

But among those defects, we've seen patterns. Most of our defects have something to do with the patch on our notebooks' front covers. Many of those are simple misprints on the patches themselves. But there are sometimes other issues for our Travelers and Scribes, whose leatherette covers prohibit stitching the patches and therefore use adhesive instead. It's strong enough to hold in most cases, but let's just say it's a "weak link" of the design. (The Origin and Monolith allow stitching, meaning their patches come off... never.) 

The patch presents one more potential problem for the Scribe: it causes the book to snag on some pockets. Of course, that's a tiny problem for a pocket notebook.

For these reasons... 

We've updated our Scribes.

Instead of a red patch in the lower-right corner, there is now a debossed ampersand with red fill—which cuts into the cover, rather than sticking out. We anticipate that this updated design will solve the problems above...

... and don't the new ones look pretty sharp besides? =]


Here's what this means for you:

(1) Effective immediately, all gray Scribes ordered will have the new design. A handful of you have gotten them already, so let us know what you think!

(2) We'll be updating the photos on the Scribe product pages ASAP, so you can see the new design in fuller glory.   

(3) If feedback is positive for the updated design, there's a good chance we'll update the Traveler in much the same way for our next manufacturing cycle


We'll look forward to hearing what you think by email or social (below) — hit us up anytime! Have a happy holiday and we'll be back next week! 

For some sharp new Scribes—or one of their bigger siblings—check out our collection. If you like the look of the new Scribes, share some photos on Instagram or say "hey" on Facebook.


  • Leslie AUtery

    I tried to sign up for the 10% discount but get a message that says I have too many requests. I have not requested a discount before as I just found your sketchbooks on an artists intagram page.

  • Yzoja

    OMG. They are so pretty! But the old design is sweet too. Damn. I need those.

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