Letter to the Code&Quill Family: 8 Times You've Made Us Love You

Letter to the Code&Quill Family: 8 Times You've Made Us Love You

Dearest Code&Quill Family,

This may not be entirely romantic, but we've realized something that we need to share with you. 

We're really, really lucky to have you.

Sure, we're a business—so we like taking your money when you buy stuff. (Like we said, not entirely romantic.)

BUT we do really care about the stuff we sell—and, in a phrase, we want our stuff to make people happy. Otherwise, what's the point?

We've been thrilled to hear (and see!) the signs that Code&Quill is making the world a happier, more thoughtful, and more productive place. We've also been glad to hear candid feedback (positive and negative) so that we can improve our products for everyone. 

We keep track of all feedback/reviews/comments/emails. But now and again, we get a true gem—the kind of customer message that brings us smiles (or laughs) for months.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day — when we have an excuse to dote on you — we want to thank you for "sending in the love" by sharing the best that's been sent to us.

If you don't believe us when we say you're awesome, just check out the ACTUAL messages and reviews below:


1. This Amazon reviewer who wanted to see who was still reading by the last paragraph —


2. All things pizza as drawn and photographed on Instagram by the one and only @mbeero —


3. The guy nicknamed "Ammo" who—at our request—actually put that nickname on his shipping address just so we could say we'd "shipped 'Ammo' through the mail."


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4. Ammo coming back to show us that his Code&Quills were given as prizes in a youth tech competition (hooray!) —

5. Seeing the Monolith as the main accessory of a matching outfit — love the look, @briightkk!

6. One of our biggest fans, CodeGirlCode, who has put her Code&Quills to work on Instagram for all to see —


7. A reviewer who named his Code&Quill "Gideon" (anyone get the joke? is there a joke?) —

8. Instagrammers like @babydollxo33 who fill their C&Q pages with color, meticulous detail, and purpose all at once


Like we mentioned above, take advantage of our Valentine's-only Jack & Rose Bundle — it's 14% off and available only until midnight on Thursday, February 16. One last chance... check it out here to share the love. 

We'll be back to share more next week. Until then, thanks again for writing in, and thanks again for using Code&Quill as your notebook—we're happy to have you as part of the family.

Cheers and love,
The Code&Quill Team 

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