17 Times Code&Quill Customer Reviews Made Us Laugh

We got this review yesterday. It's a small thing, but we were able to start Monday with a laugh, and with a little satisfaction that we were helping make customers happy. (It went in our #general Slack for everyone to see.) 

It made us realize: a LOT of your reviews have given us a laugh. Partly, we're super-close to all things Code&Quill—and we take feedback seriously—so when a joke comes, it's all the more surprising and amusing. And we appreciate it. =]

This week, we're sharing the reviews that have made us laugh. Either y'all are a jocular bunch or we're a little burned out (maybe both), so have a laugh courtesy of your fellow Code&Quill patrons and family members—


This is MULTIPLE times recently that our notebooks have been reviewed as "sexy." Don't think it's the same guy, but if so, maybe he's just a weird dude.


Holy shit, 12 stars?! I don't think I got that many in kindergarten. Like, total. So this is quite an honor. And you're very welcome—not much point selling a good product if we can't help when things (occasionally) go wrong.


"If you're on the fence, this is me pushing you over."


Glad the new Scribes were a success. We'll wear your badge with pride. =]


OK, funny story. Ronak and Kevin went to college in Virginia. One day, Ronak mentions a professor to Kevin, says that they'd talked recently, and that that professor had ordered some notebooks. The same day, we get an order from someone with the exact same name who lived in the exact same city as the professor. So Kevin writes a note and everything, includes a gift... and later finds out it's not him. Oops. 




"... important Professional Notes (and their associated lines, squiggly bits and blobby things) ..." 


Lisa, you share Ronak's gift for hyperbole. Sorry for the mishap a few months back—but when we first read this review, Kevin nearly spat his drink into his keyboard. So thanks for that. =D




Reviewers Who Already Knew Exactly What They Wanted to Say, Damn It—


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