Customers We Love, Vol. 5: Erica Williamson

Customers We Love, Vol. 5: Erica Williamson

There's something magical about a good notebook, and we can tell you why. 


For one thing, notebooks are creative objects in the truest possible sense: they're one place people can make something from nothing. Creativity is a natural human "itch"—and we all need our favorite things to help scratch it.

Our Instagram is studded with impressive pages from Code&Quill notebooks around the world. But we know good notebooks have a little magic because, no matter how openly someone shares their notebook pages, they've experienced something no one else can. 


Our latest Customer Spotlight is pointed on Erica Williamson, AKA @thenerdjournals on Instagram. She's been with us since the beginning (she even backed our first Kickstarter!) and we always appreciate that kind of loyalty.

But she has also helped us remember something important: that creativity is an essential force in our lives, and that we're here to help people direct it. So Erica, take it away—


The following questions and answers have been gently edited for clarity.


1. What is your notebook philosophy?

"My notebooks serve as a catch-all for keeping a journal, making lists, creating art, and anything else I deem necessary.

"My notebooks get loved hard during their use—so they have to be strong and forgiving of my messy life."


2. What's your "creative weapon" of choice?

"It's essential to have a quality pen and notebook but, after those basics, my must-haves for creativity are scissors, glue, and acrylic paint.

"I also have a fair share of stickers and washi tape that I use to keep basic journaling a bit more fun and colorful."


3. What does being a creative mean to you?

"Being a creative means that I'm thriving most when I have glue and paint all over my fingers. It means that my most comfortable way of processing feelings is alone with my notebook.


"I'm not sure if I would have it any other way."


4. What do you do?

"I make memories worth recording.
I make messes and I dream big.
I drink coffee and laugh often.
I organize and minimize and organize all over again.
I focus on self-improvement, health, and wellness.
I strive to be the best and the kindest version of myself.
I started late in life with self-care and I hope to make up for it.
I spend a lot of time looking up."


5. What do you do with your notebooks once they're full?

"All of my notebooks, once full, are placed lovingly on the bookshelf in my living room."


6. What would you lose if you lost your Code&Quill notebook?

"If I were to lose my Code&Quill journal, I would lose five months of my life and quite possibly my mind.

"If I lose my Code&Quill it would most likely mean I lose all of my journals. I'm not sure my mental health would survive such a blow, so I hope this never happens!"


7. Why Code&Quill?

"I first heard of Code & Quill when they were running their first Kickstarter campaign... and it's still the only Kickstarter I've ever backed (I feel like I should go out on top without having a bad experience)!

"I was intrigued by the dot-grid and indention-ruled pages. I wanted to get a fountain-pen-friendly notebook that would open flat. I was excited to buy my first fountain pen to go along with it."

(Actually, my beautiful new Code&Quill journal fueled a fountain pen addiction and I'm truly okay with that.​)


8. Last Things About Erica

From the Editor: Erica is on Instagram as @thenerdjournals and you should check out her feed. She writes, draws, clips, tapes, sticks, paints, and otherwise stupifies notebook pages with joyous abandon.

I'm not artsy whatsoever and she's making me wanna draw fun things (or at least write in my BuJo more). Check out our store if you're feeling the same little itch and want to check out tools like Erica's.



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