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an Update from Code&Quill (Spring 2016)

Hello everyone! A lot has happened with Code&Quill in the past year, and a lot more is coming in the year ahead. This week, we’re taking a break from our usual Ampersand content to give you a quick Code&Quill update. 

Catching Up

As many of you know, Code&Quill launched on Kickstarter in early 2015. After some great exposure and a lot of early excitement, we rounded out the campaign with several times our fundraising goal. What began as a project to build a better notebook became the foundation for a better brand, and for our first year we've focused hard on perfecting those first products. We wanted to source the best available materials and manufacturing; we wanted to create an online presence that reflected our core ethos; we wanted to nail a combination of qualities that we considered essential but that hadn’t been found in one notebook. That’s the effort and intention we poured into the Origin, Traveler, and Scribe—our flagship products—this past year.  

To our fortune, success has persisted beyond the Kickstarter campaign. We began receiving pre-orders as soon as the Kickstarter was over, and we’ve had more and more orders every month since. We sold out well before the 2015 holidays were over, exceeding our own expectations. To date, we’ve delivered notebooks to thousands of customers in more than 50 countries, and we’re proud of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received. From an early date, we began to see that Code&Quill had much more to give the world than a couple of notebooks, and it’s that potential that we’re beginning to fulfill now. 


Back to Kickstarter!

In the next two weeks, Code&Quill will be back on Kickstarter to launch our first new product of 2016: the large-format, hardcover Monolith notebook.

We recently received our first samples, and we are STOKED to start using them. To hear more, you’ll just need to wait until our Kickstarter is underway! 

Once the campaign begins, it’ll run for a month or slightly longer. We’ll be updating our followers about the Kickstarter campaign (very occasionally) through our e-mail list and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), so we encourage you to join us there to get the latest information. Whether you were a previous Kickstarter backer or not, we encourage you to join our upcoming campaign and make a pledge if you feel inclined. Just remember that, in exchange for a Kickstarter pledge, you get the very first Monoliths sold in the world! Not only that, it’s one of the best ways you can spread the word about us and help us grow (which lets us make even more awesome gear, even faster). 


Social Things

Now that we’ve made our Kickstarter plug, we should let you know what's on our minds, in terms of our community and offerings. We're aware that there are tons of fascinating use cases (and a handful of good stories) circulating around Code&Quill notebooks, and we've caught glimpses of them—but we haven't fully captured them, much less attempted to share them with our fans and followers. We're going to be changing that in the coming months. 
Without saying too much too soon, we know a couple of things. We know that we'll be creating a Spotlight feature to showcase what's awesome about y'all and what you do in your notebooks. We'll also be making calls for your pics and comments on social media. No promises yet, but we'll see if we can package some appropriate goodies for winners and top contributors. 

Beyond Notebooks?

At present, we sell three varieties of notebook. When the Monolith launches, we’ll offer four—which, to us, looks like a complete family. Not only does that family of four cover the spectrum, but Code&Quill as a brand shouldn’t stop with notebooks. For the very same reason we wanted to make these notebooks, this way from the beginning, we want to make other products in the future—products that, like our notebooks, will offer clean design and a great user experience to the thinking, working people of the world.
We’re not yet ready to announce plans beyond the Monolith—but things are moving faster than ever, and it won’t be long before we can share our vision for brand-new products in the Code&Quill family. We’re grateful for all of the love and support you’ve given us over the last year or so, and we’re hopeful that your continuing support, along with the new friends we make every day, will push that vision faster and faster to fruition. 
Thanks for joining the Code&Quill community this past year! We look forward to serving y'all for years to come, and we strive to always deliver the kind of quality that makes your friends and co-workers envious. Tell them to get one of their own; we'll be ready for them. 
Thanks for reading Ampersand, the Code&Quill blog. (Last week, we wrote about food and cooking as a busy creative person, so click here to take a look if you missed it.) If you’d like highlights from the blog, plus brand-new info about upcoming products and promotions, feel free to join our email newsletter here.


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