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Final Countdown!

Are We There Yet?!

Just about. Guys and girls, it's been a phenomenal few months, and it really should go without saying that we genuinely appreciate everyone's patience with us. We know that you all have been waiting for your notebooks for a long time. Today, we're here to tell you that we're just about there! 

Now that we have everyone's final shipping information, the next couple days are just going to be going through every one of your rewards and compiling it all down to a single spreadsheet that we can utilize to fulfill everyone's orders. There's a bit of a manual process here, as the format that Kickstarter provides this information is much different that what is typically used for fulfillment procedures; don't worry though, we're already on it. Of course, we'll be adding that free Scribe pocket notebook to everyone's orders :)

As we mentioned in some of the previous updates, we were essentially waiting on our shipment to finally arrive. Though we expected to have everything in our warehouse by the end of last week, suffice it to say customs gave us a bit of a hard time. But that's not a problem anymore; all of your notebooks are getting trucked over to our fulfillment center as we speak. 

Give Me a Date!

We expect that every single reward will be fulfilled by June 16th. It's a tad later than expected, but we hope that the end product speaks for itself, and that these notebooks are well worth the wait! Starting that same day, notebooks will officially be in stock on our website as well. Of course, we'll be keeping everyone updated throughout the coming days, and going forward, we'll also be exploring new, interesting ways to engage with our community to make sure that you all remain part of the birth of this new company. 

There's a lot of new things in store for Code&Quill, and we have some great ideas to expand our offerings and provide the best products we possibly can for all of you creatives out there. It's been great having all of you amazing backers support us throughout this whole process, and sincerely hope you all follow us along this journey. Stay tuned for our next update!


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