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Last 24 Hours!

We're almost there.

Wow, 30 days are almost up! It's been a completely mind-blowing experience to get such an amazing amount of feedback and support from everyone who's helped us along the way, as well as all of you awesome backers. You've been phenomenal to us, not just for your financial support, but for all the great suggestions and comments you've offered us. Now that we've got about one day remaining in the campaign, things will really start to pick up as the logistics of fulfilling all of your pledges will start to take effect. Don't worry; we've streamlined this as much as we could've before we even began the campaign, so we don't anticipate any problems there.

More pre-orders?!

We'll be opening up pre-orders on our website soon after the campaign ends, in case anyone misses the campaign. So please feel free to continue spreading the word to your friends, family, and colleagues, even if the timeline on this Kickstarter expires. Yea yea, we know that the website is still a little meh, but we are in the process of a big redesign that should allow us to relaunch in April. We'd like to continue to expanding our product range to build more awesome tools for all of you guys and girls, so make sure you get everyone you know to keep pre-ordering our notebooks! 

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P.S: A little sneak-peek!

Lots o' samples.


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