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New Samples Coming In, and Kickstarter 20% Mark!

New samples on their way!

Alright! We've reached out to our manufacturers, and we got some of our prototypes coming in to send out to bloggers and reviewers to start seeing what people think! We should be receiving them relatively soon (within the next couple weeks), so keep an eye out for the initial reviews of your notebooks. We're really excited to see what people will do with these. 

20% Mark!

THANK YOU! We've reached 20% of our funding goal, all thanks to you backers. We can't express how much we appreciate all of your support. As we mentioned in our last update, we've receive a lot of emails over the past few weeks with comments and suggestions. We want you to be sure that we're listening to everything you guys and girls are telling us, and will be sure to keep you updates as things move along. There have been plenty of great ideas that we're super excited about, and many of them have been brought into circulation as potential stretch goals if we can get there! Which brings us to our next point.

Moving forward.

If you'd really like to help spread the word, please please please share our campaign on Twitter and Facebook. We can use every bit of help we can get in order to get these notebooks into your hands. There's still a long way to go (just under $9,000), so every additional pledge gets us just one step closer to our goal. 

All of these updates will also be put on our blog here and on our Kickstarter updates page, so feel free to check there for news as well! 

Again, thank you all so much for your support. Let's make these last 26 days count!


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