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Final Countdown!

Are We There Yet?!

Just about. Guys and girls, it's been a phenomenal few months, and it really should go without saying that we genuinely appreciate everyone's patience with us. We know that you all have been waiting for your notebooks for a long time. Today, we're here to tell you that we're just about there! 

Now that we have everyone's final shipping information, the next couple days are just going to be going through every one of your rewards and compiling it all down to a single spreadsheet that we can utilize to fulfill everyone's orders. There's a bit of a manual process here, as the format that Kickstarter provides this information is much different that what is typically used for fulfillment procedures; don't worry though, we're already on it. Of course, we'll be adding that free Scribe pocket notebook to everyone's orders :)

As we mentioned in some of the previous updates, we were essentially waiting on our shipment to finally arrive. Though we expected to have everything in our warehouse by the end of last week, suffice it to say customs gave us a bit of a hard time. But that's not a problem anymore; all of your notebooks are getting trucked over to our fulfillment center as we speak. 

Give Me a Date!

We expect that every single reward will be fulfilled by June 16th. It's a tad later than expected, but we hope that the end product speaks for itself, and that these notebooks are well worth the wait! Starting that same day, notebooks will officially be in stock on our website as well. Of course, we'll be keeping everyone updated throughout the coming days, and going forward, we'll also be exploring new, interesting ways to engage with our community to make sure that you all remain part of the birth of this new company. 

There's a lot of new things in store for Code&Quill, and we have some great ideas to expand our offerings and provide the best products we possibly can for all of you creatives out there. It's been great having all of you amazing backers support us throughout this whole process, and sincerely hope you all follow us along this journey. Stay tuned for our next update!


The last upgrades.

Hey everyone! About two weeks ago we mentioned that we had upgraded the covers of our Traveler notebooks to a leatherette cover instead of the paper cover that used to house the notebook. We're back to tell you that there are a couple more upgrades that we wanted to fill everyone in on. Firstly, the Origin notebooks will now have 192 pages instead of the previous 180. The Travelers will also be receiving an additional 20 pages, making it 120 pages instead of 100 pages. We know quite of few of you were asking for more pages in the softcover, and we managed to squeeze in another 20 since the new covers allow for some more thickness without having to worry about quality and functionality. 

Lastly, we've also changed the paper itself a bit. Before, we were using this slightly yellowish paper that, while nice, had a bit of scratchiness that we found with certain writing instruments. So, we've changed to a different paper provider who's pages are much smoother to write on, and are a slightly off-white. We believe this to be a considerable upgrade from what we were using previously, and we really think you all will love it! 

Oh, and the pocket-sized Scribe notebooks are getting a cover upgrade too :) They'll have the same leatherette covers as the Traveler. These will be a LOT more durable when sitting around in your jeans. 

The Scribe
The Scribe

So where does that leave us?

Everything is in the process of manufacturing still. As mentioned last update, or shipping date is looking like it'll be closer to the end of April. We're now in the process of negotiating our shipping options to get all the the notebooks from our manufacturers to our distribution facility; this will ensure that all notebooks go out as fast as possible, since there'll be an entire professional team ready to ship out everyone's orders as soon as the notebooks are in the warehouse. 

For any questions, concerns, comments, please contact us either here on Kickstarter, or email us directly at Of course, you can reach out via our social media profiles as well: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  

Lastly, if you'd like to submit more pre-orders, you can always do so on our website,

Thank you all! We really appreciate you all baring with us as we go through the process of making this project a reality. As always, we are 100% committed to making sure you guys and girls get the best products we can possibly make. 


Review Samples Are In, and Other News!

Preliminary reviews coming soon!

Hey everyone. It's been a while since we've put out an update, but as you can imagine, we've been super busy getting everything in order. Though it took a little longer than expected, our initial review samples have come in! We'll be sending some out over time for people to take a look and give feedback on what they think, so definitely expect those to start popping up soon. Please remember that these are still prototypes, and that we've already made some additional changes since these were ordered for the final products. One of the bigger changes we've made is the packaging. It's always surprising how the small details make such a big difference; turns out, our older packaging (big red sleeves) was a bit too heavy for efficient shipping. We went back to the drawing board and came up with something new, so you all will definitely get the chance to see that when your rewards are shipped to you.

Money money money.

Of course, to actually do all the things we need to do, we needed our Kickstarter funds to come through. Well, our bank account is finally filled up with all of your awesome contributions, which means we can hit the next step in our whole process in getting these notebooks made, and getting them into your hands. So far, so good.

What about my free Scribe pocket book?

We've received a lot of questions regarding the Scribe, the pocket-sized notebook that became a reality because of our last stretch goal. As we mentioned last time, we were trying to figure out a way to get a free Scribe in with every reward so that none of you would have to pay any additional shipping fees for it (especially you international backers!). Seems like things will work out just fine on that front, so everyone can expect a Scribe with their shipments! We didn't really want to worry about coupon codes, forcing people to pay some more shipping, and all the logistical nightmares that would likely ensue, so we're extremely happy that we'll be able to make this work. We hope you are to!

I need to change my address!

We sent out a survey a while ago, and we've received the majority of them back. One of the questions on the survey had you all type in your shipping addresses. Now, we know that some of you may have been worried about having a different shipping address by the time the notebooks ship, but we're here to tell you that you don't need to worry at all! Every backer is able to update their shipping address up until we're ready to ship. Everyone will be given a 48-hours notice when we're about to shut down the ability to make changes, so you'll still have those last two days to get your information updated, if necessary. 

Can I order some more?

It seems that there were a couple backers who wanted to order a lot more notebooks, and as we mentioned last update, this is completely possible on our website, You can head over to either the Origin page or Traveler page and place additional pre-orders for either the White/Red color, or the Gray/Red color. Please feel free to pass on that information to whomever may be interested in your network! 

We're always here.

Though the time between updates will be longer now that the campaign is over, that doesn't mean that we're not around. If anyone has any questions, commented, or concerns, you can always message us directly here, post a comment on the Kickstarter page, or even email us at We promise we'll get back to you in a timely manner. These coming months will certainly be extremely busy, but we know that our supporters are the most important piece of this puzzle. So feel free to reach out, even if it's just to say hi! 

Before we sign off, we just want to remind you guys to continue spreading the word through our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We appreciate all the visibility we can get! Thank you all for your continued support. We really couldn't do it without you. 


Kickstarter Campaign Complete!

Funded in spades!

IT'S DONE! 420% percent funded, thanks you all of your awesome people. We didn't anticipate all the love we received for this product, and seriously cannot wait to get the notebooks out to you all. It's been a crazy month; we went from having two types of notebooks, available in two colors, to having three different notebooks, two of which are available in three different colors! We have a lot of great things planned for this year even after the Kickstarter rewards are sent out, and sincerely hope that all of you will continue to join us in this journey to building awesome tools for awesome people.

Last-minute stretch goal reached!

With less than a day left, we were teetering so close to reaching the $45,000 stretch goal that we weren't sure we were going to make it. Turns out, we were dead wrong. The last 24 hours have been crazy, and saw a lot of new backers join the campaign. Just wanted to take a moment a say THANK YOU for all the support! Of course, with all of your help, every backer is now going to receive one of our upcoming Scribe pocket notebooks. 

When we first announced this stretch goal, we were initially talking about having everyone order these pocket books separately and pay only the shipping cost. Since then, we've been looking into the possibility of having these notebooks being manufactured simultaneously with our Origin and Traveler notebooks at a different facility so that we can include them with everyone's rewards. This would allow us to send them to you all without requiring you to pay anything extra for shipping. We're still in the process of working this out, but of course you'll all be kept updated as things develop. 

What's next?

Now that we've reached the end of the campaign, there are a few things we'd like to talk about. Firstly, there will a survey sent out soon to gather all the information about color preferences and shipping addresses, based on the rewards you chose. Please try to be certain of your color choices, as changing them later is going to be dependent on availability! 

Secondly, pre-orders will be enabled on our website within the next few days, so that anyone who missed that campaign can still get an order in for notebooks off of our initial batch of product. So please continue talking us up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Stay tuned!

We'll be updating all of you amazing people every step of the way. If there are any questions, please feel free to message us here on Kickstarter or send an email to As always, the comment section will remain open for conversation, and updated will continue to be posted to new events happen. A lot of what happens next will be boring but necessary logistics (manufacturing, paperwork, quality assurance) so there may be days between updates, but don't worry! We plan on being completely transparent with you all if anything comes up. 

We can't say this enough; thank you all so, so much for helping us have such a successful campaign. We obviously wouldn't be here without you! 

P.S: First look at the light gray and teal Origin :)


Last 24 Hours!

We're almost there.

Wow, 30 days are almost up! It's been a completely mind-blowing experience to get such an amazing amount of feedback and support from everyone who's helped us along the way, as well as all of you awesome backers. You've been phenomenal to us, not just for your financial support, but for all the great suggestions and comments you've offered us. Now that we've got about one day remaining in the campaign, things will really start to pick up as the logistics of fulfilling all of your pledges will start to take effect. Don't worry; we've streamlined this as much as we could've before we even began the campaign, so we don't anticipate any problems there.

More pre-orders?!

We'll be opening up pre-orders on our website soon after the campaign ends, in case anyone misses the campaign. So please feel free to continue spreading the word to your friends, family, and colleagues, even if the timeline on this Kickstarter expires. Yea yea, we know that the website is still a little meh, but we are in the process of a big redesign that should allow us to relaunch in April. We'd like to continue to expanding our product range to build more awesome tools for all of you guys and girls, so make sure you get everyone you know to keep pre-ordering our notebooks! 

Don't forget to share on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

P.S: A little sneak-peek!

Lots o' samples.


Almost there!

In three weeks, you guys and girls have managed to fund our campaign to over 330% of the original amount that we set out for, and all we can possibly say is THANK YOU! It's been a phenomenal experience so far in knowing that there are many of you out there that are just as excited about this as we are. 

Though we don't have a whole lot to announce beyond what we're already spoken about in the past updates, we just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know how the weeks following the end of the campaign will play out. Of course, immediately after the campaign ends, we will be sending out a survey to all the backers, based on the rewards they chose, as to what color combinations they will be interested in. This will dictate a lot of our order quantities, so please try to be sure in what you'd like! Any changes that happen after the survey will be subject to availability, though we hope to accommodate all of your requests. 

We plan on accepting more pre-orders through our website even after the campaign ends, so please continue spreading the word! As mentioned in previous updates, all of our logistics as far as manufacturing, QA, and shipping have been ironed out, so we don't expect too many issues in these processes. 

Also, remember that we're still aiming for another stretch goal at $45,000, and we're not all that far off! It would be great to get to that goal, so boot up your Twitter and Facebook posts so that we can send you all some free notebooks :) 

There's just under one week left before we get started getting these notebooks into your hands, and we can't express how exciting it is to finally start seeing what everyone thinks. We'll keep everyone up-to-date about what's going on throughout the entire process of manufacturing and shipping your books, so stay tuned! 


Final stretch goal!

Alright everyone, we've finally gotten around to deciding on our (most likely) last stretch goal, and it's certainly a stretch! At $45,000, we'll be introducing a brand new type of notebook to add to our current lineup: the Scribe. These little white and red pocket notebooks will be available with blank pages. The best part? If we get to this goal, we'll be sending everyone who's pledged $15 or more a FREE Scribe notebook through our website after the campaign ends; you only pay for shipping. Of course, because this is an entirely new product, it will take longer to sample, manufacture, and ship than the Origin and Traveler notebooks that we started this campaign for, but they'll get to you as soon as we can get them made!

Because we'll likely be cutting it close to the end of the campaign if we hit this stretch goal, we'll be fulfilling requests for your Scribe notebooks through our website. We'll most likely be sending out special coupon codes to all the backers that will allow them to grab a free one for just the shipping cost. We'll certainly keep all of you updated on this as we get closer to the goal!

Some clarifications.

We've received a lot of questions about choosing multiple rewards, which Kickstarter doesn't let backers do. If there are multiple awards that you are interested, please feel free to send us a message and we'll work with you to get you the rewards you'd like. 

Another question we get asked a lot is about the Traveler. The description denotes that the Traveler is 100 pages, but looks quite thick in the pictures we have up. We just want to take a moment to let you all know that the pictures you see are of the prototype that originally had 180 pages. However, because of the amount of pages, we had some issues with the integrity of the spine. The actual Traveler notebooks will be thinner when you receive them and will have just those 100 pages, as mentioned in our campaign. 

Of course, if anyone has any other questions or need any more clarifications, please send us a message here on Kickstarter, or email us at


Naturally, we still have a bit to go before we can hit this stretch goal, but we definitely know that you all are capable of making it happen. Please let everyone know about our campaign! We'd love to introduce the Scribe as a new product and get it into your hands. 

If you haven't already, make sure to sign up for the Code&Quill newsletter to keep up on updates for future product releases and news! You can do so by heading over to our website, scrolling to the bottom, and putting in your email address. And of course, our shameless plugs for our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

You can check out the Kickstarter project at:


We Made It!

We reached our goal!

WOW! You guys are AWESOME. In just a little over a week, we have officially reached (and even exceeded) our funding goal. Thank you all so, so much for all the support. We could have never imagined how quickly we would be able to hit our target, and this is just more validating for us. With all this fantastic momentum, we're already thinking up new ways to show our appreciation to all of you guys and girls who believed in our company and our product, and we're really excited to reveal some stretch goals soon!

A few big "thank you"s. 

We could have never done this without the help of all of you talking about this campaign through social media channels to get the word out. We'd also like to take a moment to give a HUGE thank you to all of the amazing people at Ink & Flour, F**k Yea Notebooks and Journals, The Well-Appointed Desk, The Nerd Journals, Embodiment, The Gadget Flow, and Creative Bloq for featuring our campaign on your blogs and platforms. You've definitely helped us enormously, and we couldn't be more thankful!

What's next?

We still have three weeks to go, and that means we still have a lot more time to get the word out about what we're doing here at Code&Quill. Don't worry; we'll be posting a new update soon about possible stretch goals and new rewards based on them, as soon as we can iron out the details. This is all moving very quickly, more so than we could have ever anticipated, so please bare with us! We'll definitely keep you updated every step of the way as we go forward. 

As always, please keep letting all your friends, family, and colleagues know about Code&Quill by spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! And of course, our website will continue to have these updates posted on it as well.

This is an extremely exciting time for us, and we're all really looking forward to seeing how far we can take this campaign. Thank you all again for helping us get this far!


100 Backers!

Big Milestone!

THANK YOU! We've hit 100 backers! It's only been a few days, but things have been going quite well by the looks of it. We fully anticipate being able to hit our funding goal and start getting these notebooks made and shipped to all of you. 

We want to take a moment to remind everyone that if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say hey, you can always drop us a comment here on Kickstarter. Don't want everyone to see it? No problem. Email us at We'll make sure we get back to each and every one of you. 

Over the past few days, there's been a lot of talk about some fun ways to show off these notebooks using all of our awesome backers' experiences once you guys and girls start getting your hands on them. We've considered having some cool Instagram contests to see how everyone uses these, since we're sure there's some really unique ideas that you all have. If you have any suggestions about other cool things we could do, please let us know in the comments or through our email!

As always, this update is up on our Kickstarter campaign as well. 

Thanks again for all of your support!


New samples on their way!

Alright! We've reached out to our manufacturers, and we got some of our prototypes coming in to send out to bloggers and reviewers to start seeing what people think! We should be receiving them relatively soon (within the next couple weeks), so keep an eye out for the initial reviews of your notebooks. We're really excited to see what people will do with these. 

20% Mark!

THANK YOU! We've reached 20% of our funding goal, all thanks to you backers. We can't express how much we appreciate all of your support. As we mentioned in our last update, we've receive a lot of emails over the past few weeks with comments and suggestions. We want you to be sure that we're listening to everything you guys and girls are telling us, and will be sure to keep you updates as things move along. There have been plenty of great ideas that we're super excited about, and many of them have been brought into circulation as potential stretch goals if we can get there! Which brings us to our next point.

Moving forward.

If you'd really like to help spread the word, please please please share our campaign on Twitter and Facebook. We can use every bit of help we can get in order to get these notebooks into your hands. There's still a long way to go (just under $9,000), so every additional pledge gets us just one step closer to our goal. 

All of these updates will also be put on our blog here and on our Kickstarter updates page, so feel free to check there for news as well! 

Again, thank you all so much for your support. Let's make these last 26 days count!