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Code&Quill Falls into the Holidays: End-of-2018 Update

The main work of 2018 is behind us and it's starting to get cold. The busy holiday season is only beginning, but we wanted to catch you up before we got there.

So let's dive right in—here's our latest collection of updates, changes, and new stuff!  

The Habit System Planner

If you didn't already hear about it, we recently concluded our third Kickstarter campaign! By this point, our Habit System Planner is finishing production and getting ready to boat over to the USA, so we're still on schedule to fulfill all pledges sometime in December.

Between now and then, we're accepting Habit System pre-orders on our store. You can place a pre-order in the same checkout as a regular order—we'll ship in-stock products right away, like normal, and then we'll fulfill all pre-orders (to the same shipping address) once the Habit System Planners are ready to ship. 

All good to know, but... what is The Habit System and why should I care?

In a nutshell, it's Code&Quill's take on the 3-month planner. You can get the fully-illustrated scoop on the Kickstarter or its main product page, but three quick reasons to care: 

#1 — Most of your behavior is habitual (as is normal for humans), so we focused on daily habits because that's where most people can see improvements.
#2 — Even if you like "grinding it out" and "crushing workdays," work is never your sole source of happiness. Other things need "work" in your best life—like your health, and relationships, and personal life.
#3 — You have to do your own self-improvement spadework—but it's considerably easier to do that when you can track it in one place that's meant for it.     


New Notebook Layouts!

Our page layouts have always been one of our most popular features—especially among the dot/line loyalists. But since we have dot grid and indentation rule, many of you have asked a good question: why not make (more) stuff with just dots or just lines? 

BAM! Now we have! 

For the indentation-rule fans: you're no longer limited to the Monolith. We now offer double-line layout in the gray Origin and gray Traveler as well! 


For the dot-grid fans: for the first time, we're offering dot-grid-only in the gray Monolith and gray Origin.  

These products are permanent additions to our catalog, NOT limited runs of any kind. We made 500-copy runs of each new notebook variant, just to get started and collect some data on how they sell (so we know how many to order later). That starting quantity won't last forever—but if we're ever out of stock, these will be coming back! 


But speaking of limited runs...


Limited Edition No. 3 is Here.

We've done two runs of Limited Editions before:

Limited Edition No. 1 included Origins and Travelers in light gray with teal accent colors. These were done in conjunction with our original Kickstarter campaign in 2015.

Limited Edition No. 2 were Monoliths in navy blue with golden accent colors. These were our "revival" of Limited Editions, sold earlier this year. 

For Limited Edition No. 3, we're returning to the Traveler—and turning its normal color scheme inside out. This run will feature red exterior leatherette with a simple logo deboss, then silver/gray liner pages. Otherwise, it's the same (dot/line) build of Traveler you know and love.  

We should emphasize that Limited Editions are NOT permanent additions to our catalog. We make a single run of 500 notebooks, reserve a few in case of issues, and sell the rest... when they're out, they're out. (By definition, we'll never make more of any Limited Edition—we'll just make the next Limited Edition.) 

Limited Edition No. 3 is LIVE now in the store! These WILL sell fast (they always do), so if you're reading this and think, "dang, that looks pretty snazzy (not to mention, festive)!" you'll want to grab yours now.

Code&Quill Limited Edition


Future Products (Which Aren't Notebooks)

Given our history, most of you know (and love?) us for our notebooks—which aren't going anywhere. Having said that: as a brand, Code&Quill is not stopping with notebooks, so you're gonna see us branching out big-time with our product offerings over the next year.


The Habit System is a half-step: still (physically) a notebook, but more specific in its philosophy of use, and it's only the beginning for another family of products. 


In the next six weeks, Code&Quill will launch another THREE brand-new products—and none of them are notebooks. We're feverishly working to get pictures we can share, and until then we won't make any full revelations—but as long as we're teasing them, here are some clues:

(A) One of them has NOTHING to do with paper.
(B) One of them will allow you to customize your existing Code&Quill notebooks (in one of two color options).
(C) One of them is "our take" on something you might have on your desk right now.

You'll find out in 2018—and just wait until 2019, because there's more coming and it's coming early in the year. =D


Future Notebooks (Which Don't Exist Yet)

Like we said, our notebooks aren't going anywhere—so their future also deserves some explanation. 

On one hand, we feel like we've rounded out the notebook models we need. Our notebooks scale from pocket-sized (Scribe) to portable (Traveler and Origin) to full-size (Monolith)—and then we did the semi-specialized Compass off to the side. We don't have any other form factors in mind, and customers don't seem to have many (if any) ideas or suggestions there. 

On the other hand, we still need to round out the options offered among our notebook models. There are PLENTY of customer inquiries about page-layout options—which are super welcome!—but which highlight the need for expansion there. Here's what we commonly tell people:

(A) We're starting with our existing page types and filling out those options. Hence, we just released double-dot options and expanded double-line options.
(B) All-new layouts would need some mass appeal, but we're open to considering them. Probably the likeliest all-new layout would be blank pages, given the simplicity and ubiquity. 
(C) We're limited to releasing a few new variants at a time. It's hard to explain in a single sentence, but here goes: it can strain a company's resources to add products to their catalog, but it can break a company's resources to multiply their catalog. That's the danger of notebook variants: they multiply possibilities. So we indulge them, but at a rate that's sustainable for us as a business.
(D) If a new idea wouldn't work as a permanent product, or appeal to a large audience, we still consider it for a Limited Edition. We know we're going to keep doing Limited Editions regardless, but we're tossing around the idea of accelerating them—and one way to do that is making non-standard product, either for niche audiences or feature testing. 


No guarantees given when you write in, but we take suggestions seriously because we know they've been (literally, concretely) valuable in the past. Hit us up with a suggestion—just write to



Code&Quill Custom (Express)

Half of this isn't news—it's just a reminder. We make bomb-ass, spectacular custom notebooks from scratch.

With Code&Quill Custom, the notebook is your oyster: however you want it to look, feel, and act, it's probably possible in our shop. No templates, no pre-fabs, no limits except your imagination (and the laws of engineering physics). 

But there's still the other half—which IS new. Code&Quill is currently testing a program called Custom Express, which is much what its name implies: an avenue to buy customized Code&Quill notebooks with fewer options, but smaller investments of quantity and time and money. 

Custom Express is in beta, but you're welcome to request an invite! If this sounds like the right solution for you and you'd like to learn more, contact Dan Otto (our Custom Lead) at anytime! 


If you're in the market for a notebook, head on over to our store!
If you want more than one, check out our discounted notebook bundles!
If you just wanna say hi or look at pictures, come see us on Facebook or Instagram. 



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